Commercial 100kW Solar Systems

When it comes to solar energy solutions for medium to large businesses, systems close to 100kW have become the most popular choice in Australia. This is the optimal size for businesses with substantial energy requirements, such as government buildings, universities, large offices, hotels, hospitals and even shopping centres.

For most businesses of this size, it is preferable to opt for something slightly smaller than a 100kW solar panel system in order to get the most out of government rebates. A 99.9kW solar system remains within the 100kW threshold for Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), providing significant savings on your installation. This strategic sizing helps businesses get the most from their investment in solar power.

With a life expectancy of 25 years and a payback period of only a few years, commercial solar systems just under 100kW offer considerable savings over the lifespan of the system.

How Much Electricity Will 100kW Solar Panels Produce?

One of the key considerations for businesses is finding a balance between the 100kW solar panel system cost and the amount of energy produced. The electricity generated by a 100kW system hinges on several factors, including the type of panels and inverters. It also depends on the amount of sunlight the panels receive, meaning a system in sunny Queensland would generate more electricity than one in Tasmania or Victoria.

On average, businesses with 100kW solar systems can expect to generate around 146,000kWh of energy annually or approximately 411kWh daily. Quality components and abundant sunlight can increase this figure, while lesser-quality components and lower sunlight levels will decrease it.

A high-quality 100kW solar inverter system will be more efficient at converting the sun’s energy into electricity, making a significant difference when it comes to energy generation. In addition, including a 100kW solar battery can further optimise your return on investment by storing excess electricity.

100kW Solar System Installation Specifications

A solar system of around 100kW will require significant roof space, although exactly how much will depend on the size of the panels and their efficiency. Lower-quality, less efficient panels means more of them will be required to get the same results.

Most panels range between 450 watts and 550 watts, with dimensions around 2.2 metres by 1.1 metre. Provided that 450 to 550-watt panels are used, businesses will require between 181 (438 m2) and 222 (537 m2) panels for a 100kW solar system installation.

Government Incentives for 100kW Solar Systems

There are two main types of government incentives for commercial solar systems: Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs).

It is important to note that some states receive higher rebates than others due to increased sunlight hours.

Difference between LGC's and STC's

Small-Scale Technology Certificates

The primary benefit of a 99.9kW system is its eligibility for STCs, which offer an upfront reduction in costs and are available only for solar systems under 100kW. Thus, with a 100kW solar system, cost cannot be reduced upfront by STCs.

While the savings from STCs vary according to system size, location, and the current value of the certificates, they can significantly decrease the upfront cost of a 99.9kW system.

Large-Scale Generation Certificates

LGCs are applicable to solar systems of 100kW or larger, but unlike STCs, they do not offer upfront cost reductions. Instead, these certificates are awarded annually, based on the energy generated by the system. This can enhance your return on investment over the system’s lifetime. 

However, most businesses will not need a solar system over 100kW, making this incentive generally more beneficial for solar farms and large industrial complexes.

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