The Process

We make commercial solar systems accessible to help companies reduce their power bills and remain relevant in today’s fast paced world.

As leading commercial solar installers we strive to make industrial solar power systems accessible and available to companies of any scale and footprint. Commercial solar systems represent a journey towards cleaner energy for your business and we at Highline Electrical want to make it as easy as possible to achieve that.

Highline Electrical are commercial solar installers that stay with you through the whole process. We are not simply installing your commercial solar panel systems we're also handling the commercial solar system design. By keeping your solar installs with one trusted company we can access any commercial solar panel installation needs that arise.

Our Process

Our 6 step process is designed to take the occasionally daunting task of installing an industrial solar system and making it easy for our clients. From design to accessing solar rebates, all the way through to final commercial solar panel installations we work with your company every step of the way.


Energy Data Analysis

First off we need to ascertain what your energy needs are before we can work on your commercial solar system design. How much energy your company uses, your peak usage times and how taxing a draw your energy usage is will dictate what industrial solar power system is required. We access the data of your historical energy usage as well as predicting and presenting models on how that usage could be affected, supported or improved by switching over to commercial solar systems.


Solar Feasibility Study

Once we have the energy data and have confirmed the energy needs of your business we need to ascertain the feasibility of commercial solar systems for your business. By performing this step early we ensure that process doesn't start only to be delayed in the event that it doesn't suit your company needs. This process also ensures you have all the information you'd need to access rebate programs, as well as be fully informed when making financial decisions on what is best for your desired outcome.


Engineering and Development

Our first two steps are all about the data, but commercial solar panel installation is a physical undertaking. The data can only go so far if there is no accessible way to install the hardware. A site visit from one of our experts solar system engineers is an integral part of the process. They will come on site and generate a full report on how your solar panels could be implemented. From there design can begin and you're one step closer to cleaner energy.


Financial Analysis and Proposal

Now that the data and design is in progress it's time to work on the financials and come to you with a final proposal before moving forward. We ensure that you have access to whatever rebates and grants are accessible for your scale of commercial solar system to increase the overall accessibility for your business. Then the design, data and implementation plans go through you before we move forward. Commercial solar installation is a collaborative process, we're here to generate your best outcome.



Your system will be designed by us, not farmed out to a third party, and installed by our in-house team of licensed electricians. We're with you every step of the way to ensure that your solar system is of the highest quality and implemented safely, efficiently and to the highest of standards. We use only tier one hardware providers so your quality is guaranteed from the moment it is installed. Our implementations are done right and made to last.


Quality Assurance

Keeping things in-house is what separates us from our competitors and guarantees consistent quality across all our projects. And we don't disappear once the job is done. Highline's quality assurance includes remote monitoring, system servicing and we are always just a phone call away. We're proud of the work we do for our clients and we're invested in it keeping your energy clean for a long time.

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