Premium Energy Solutions

Premium Energy Solutions

Highline is making the process of achieving your renewable energy goals simple and accessible by taking care of the entire design, feasibility, installation and implementation process.

Our process stays with you from start to finish. We handle every step so that your end product gains maximum benefits.

At Highline Electrical we're all about making the process of switching to renewables and achieving net-zero easy for the clients we work with. We are focused on providing a range of commercial solutions to greater enhance environmental energy options. By simplifying the renewable energy journey through our 6-step process from planning to installation we're making solar accessible at corporate & small businesses. We are involved across multiple levels including design, construction, installation and even as financial partners. We pride ourselves on providing high-end, dedicated and quality services in an industry that often focuses more on the speed of solar installations over quality.

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We're all about making high end renewable solutions accessible for any company. Often the biggest hurdle to accessing commercial solar or getting net zero is that costs can be prohibitive. There are government rebates and grants to assist companies, and private properties, in making the important switch to renewables. Knowing what rebates to apply for, or even just discovering what is available, can be a frustrating delve into beaurcracy. Get in touch with us here to learn how Highline can assist you with the finance side of achieving net zero.

Commercial Solar


Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Sometimes the inbuilt storage of solar systems isn't quite enough for your usage. Commerical solar battery storage is here to increase how much you can meet your commercial energy needs via solar solutions. Draw on solar power even if the sun stops shining.

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LED Lighting

Rugged lighting solutions that can hold their own through whatever the mercurial Australian weather throws at it. Solar LED has become an increasingly popular choice for many commercial solar needs that require a more rugged solution.

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EV Chargers

Electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity and just like a traditional car needs fuel, EVs need power. Solar charging solutions and charging stations for Australia's growing Electrical vehicle fleet are becoming more and more in demand and Highline is here to help.

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Commercial Solar Systems

The right commercial solar system can completely reshape your energy footprint. At Highline Electrical we are committed to simplifying installing solar panels for commercial buildings. You can save money and future-proof your business or industrial building by investing in commercial solar.

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Portable Power Solutions

As solar technology evolves the spatial requirements for some systems are able to be reduced. Portable solar options are becoming a clean energy choice for commercial endeavours that don't exist in a single space.

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Quality Guarantee

We let our work speak for itself. We’re proud to work with our clients and in return, our clients have trusted us to deliver fantastic final products that meet their needs and continue to perform well after our job is completed. By committing to working with only tier-one manufacturers all our work is built to last.

As a commercial solar installer, we’re dedicated to quality with each of our projects and strive to be the best option for commercial solar panel installation. Whether working with commercial solar, EV charging, portable power solutions or any of our other services, we want to deliver the best possible outcome.

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