LED Lighting

Versatile and Reliable

LED Lighting is a great choice of solar lighting option if consistency and versatility are your priority. Many people are familiar with outdoor solar LED options on a personal property scale, as they have become a consistently chosen option for many homes and gardens. With automatic activation and solid battery life after charge, they are a great set and forget option for outdoor lighting solutions.

These LED solutions have continued to evolve to become great choices for larger scale commercial solutions and Highline can help from the right option for your commercial LED needs. Outdoor LED lights can illuminate pathways, entrances and even shared public spaces like parks or off lead dog areas. LED lights, solar or otherwise, are also long lasting and require much less replacement then more standard halogen lighting solutions.

Licensed professionals with over a decade of industry experience.

On-site assessments and designs are executed by in-house experts.

Cleaner energy to make a difference with your environment footprint.

We'll help you access the rebates available with your chosen system.

Your energy needs won't be a concern with a commercial solar solution.

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Affordable LED Solutions

We're all about making high end renewable solutions accessible for any company. Often the biggest hurdle to accessing renewable LED solutions is that costs can be prohibitive. There are government rebates and grants to assist companies, and private properties, in making the important switch to renewables. Knowing what rebates to apply for, or even just discovering what is available, can be a frustrating delve into beaurcracy. Get in touch to learn how Highline can assist you with the financials.

Focused on Quality

We only use the highest quality commercial solar systems.

We only use equipment and products from tier one classified manufacturers. By being discerning in which manufacturers we work with and recommend we guarantee excellent quality and long-lasting commercial solar systems.

Long-lasting illumination.

The batteries of solar-powered LED lighting usually last between 3-4 years without seeing a drop in power retention. So your LED solution will mean fewer resources expended on repeated replacement of your commercial solar system.

Dedication to Quality.

At Highline Electrical we strive for quality above all else. We work only with tier one manufacturers for all our solar equipment needs and installs. We approach all jobs with the objective of delivering a high-end product.

In-House Design and Installation.

Our people, our systems and our installations. We’re with you for the entire solar process. By keeping the design and installation process in-house, we maintain quality, financial and timeline control, and our relationships.

Build Lasting Client Relationships

We’re not here to smash out a sloppy install and leave you with the results. We’re striving to build a long-lasting client relationship in our installations. So for monitoring, reporting and any maintenance requirements you can count on Highline to uphold our work and your energy needs.

Points of Difference


When choosing which products to use for your commercial solar systems Highline takes the long term into consideration. We prefer to use products that offer a minimum 20 year warranty to ensure that your systems will continue to provide you power for years to come.
At Highline we want to make the switch to solar as accessible as possible. So we supply you with your rebate savings upfront and handle all the processing of it ourselves to allow you to access those saving straight away.
Highline has our own in house install team for handling installation of solar systems.
At Highline we have remote monitoring of the efficiency of installed systems so as to have live access to system health info when required. We also supply clients with an app for their smartphone to give them access to this data when they require it.

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