Commercial Solar Systems

Why Consider Commercial Solar?

Switching to solar power for your commercial or industrial building offers multiple benefits. In addition to being environmentally friendly and reducing electricity bills, consider the following advantages:

Battery Storage: Store excess energy for cloudy days and achieve energy independence.
Performance Guarantees: Ensuring optimal system operation for better returns on investment.
Net Zero: Generate clean energy to offset carbon emissions and achieve a net-zero footprint.
Sustainability Leadership: Showcase your commitment to green energy, attracting eco-conscious stakeholders.
Energy Independence: Control your energy supply, reducing reliance on the grid.
Government Incentives: Take advantage of incentives to lower upfront costs.

We'll guide you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition to solar power. Let's harness the sun's power for your business and the planet.

Our Process

Licensed professionals with over a decade of industry experience.

On-site assessments and designs are executed by in-house experts.

Cleaner energy to make a difference with your environment footprint.

We'll help you access the rebates available with your chosen system.

Your energy needs won't be a concern with a commercial solar solution.

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A Highline Solar specialist will contact you within 48 hours with details on how you can save money with Highline Solar


Free EV Charger with every commercial install*

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How much can you save on Commercial Solar?

We're all about making high end solar options accessible for any company. Often the biggest hurdle to accessing commercial solar is that costs can be prohibitive. There are government rebates and grants to assist companies in making the important switch to solar. Knowing what rebates to apply for, or even just discovering what is available, can be a frustrating delve into beaurcracy.

By uploading a PDF bill for us here we can work out exactly what rebates are available for your situation and save you money on the transition solar and the installation of commercial solar panels.

Why Highline?

Equipment and Products from Tier One Classified Manufacturers

We only use equipment and products from tier one classified manufacturers that offer a minimum 20 year warranty. By being discerning in which manufacturers we work with and recommend we guarantee excellent quality and long-lasting commercial solar systems.

Experienced Across Small to Large Scale Commercial Solar

Whether your needs are a 30kW, 100kW, 1mW or full ground mount solar farm we can source, design and install your industrial solar system.
Our clients include Red Energy, Kaboodle Kitchens, Amart Furniture amongst many others.

Ongoing Monitoring & Servicing

We don’t disappear once the job is done. Highline’s quality assurance includes remote monitoring, system servicing and we are always just a phone call away. We’re proud of the work we do for our clients and we’re invested in it keeping your energy clean for a long time.

Performance Guaranteed

When required we can offer a performance guarantee that outlines the expected return on investment for your commercial solar system, providing assurance in your investment and clarity for your future energy expenditure.

Free EV Charger

Highline Solar recognises the growing requirements for electric vehicle infrastructure. Commercial Solar Systems above 30kW receive a free electric vehicle charger.

Performance Guaranteed

When required we can offer a performance guarantee that outlines the expected return on investment for your commercial solar system, providing assurance in your investment and clarity for your future energy expenditure.

Dedication to Quality.

At Highline Electrical we strive for quality above all else. We work only with tier one manufacturers for all our solar equipment needs and installs. We approach all jobs with the objective of delivering a high-end product.

In-House Design and Installation.

Our people, our systems and our installations. We’re with you for the entire solar process. By keeping the design and installation process in-house, we maintain quality, financial and timeline control, and our relationships.

Build Lasting Client Relationships

We’re not here to smash out a sloppy install and leave you with the results. We’re striving to build a long-lasting client relationship in our installations. So for monitoring, reporting and any maintenance requirements you can count on Highline to uphold our work and your energy needs.

Points of Difference


When choosing which products to use for your commercial solar systems Highline takes the long term into consideration. We prefer to use products that offer a minimum 20 year warranty to ensure that your systems will continue to provide you power for years to come.
At Highline we want to make the switch to solar as accessible as possible. So we supply you with your rebate savings upfront and handle all the processing of it ourselves to allow you to access those saving straight away.
Highline has our own in house install team for handling installation of solar systems.
At Highline we have remote monitoring of the efficiency of installed systems so as to have live access to system health info when required. We also supply clients with an app for their smartphone to give them access to this data when they require it.

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