Our Financing Process

Accessibility of solar isn't just about the physical obstacles to installation or functionality of the power provided. At Highline, we understand that the potential cost of your commercial solar upgrade can be daunting and even prohibitive to the entire process. So when we talk about accessibility, financial accessibility is a huge part of our focus.

Our process includes ascertaining what financial assistance and incentives will be available for the system your business requires. We'll work with you to access rebate savings and design a system that is conducive to your available cash flow. Strong communication will mean that you'll be with us every step of the way, we'll determine the size and cost of the required system and make sure you're across all the details before moving forward.

The most important thing to do if you have questions about the accessibility of commercial solar for your business is to get in touch. We look forward to working with you.

Sustainable Australia Fund (SAF)

Highline works in conjunction with SAF (Sustainable Australia Fund), a specialist business lender enabling our customers to access new capital for projects. In collaboration with SAF we provide low-cost, long-term and 100% financing for a range of eligible environmental upgrades, for businesses looking to invest in commercial solar systems. Our finance solutions leverage Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA’s) with your local council and sit co-currently and alongside existing finance arrangements.

The SAF Upgrade Fund is a loan which drives property and business improvements, repaid via fixed council rates. It is enabled by an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) between an owner, a local Council and SAF. This approach delivers significant property improvements for owners, whilst tenants drive business growth & secure a net positive cash flow benefit even after repayments.

Highline & SAF

Highline will work with our commercial solar partners to make solar power accessible to your business. This is not just about assisting with the design and installation but helping assess and understand the financial assistance available to our clients.

When considering asset finance options it's essential to consider a variety of factors. Highline will help you parse all parts of the SAF process including interest rates and variability, loan term, LVR and other specific conditions. The SAF Upgrade fund harnesses EUA benefits to secure low interest rates, longer tenors and more flexible terms specifically tailored to support asset investment and sustained business growth.

Power Purchasing Agreements

Put simply a PPA is an agreement between an independent power generator (or vendor) and a purchaser (often called the ‘off-taker’) for the sale and supply of energy. In renewable circles, they are used to ensure that a certain amount of renewable energy is produced/used lowering a business’s carbon footprint. A PPA can be either a physical or virtual asset.

Virtual PPAs

A virtual power purchase agreement is a purely financial contract whereby the off-taker exchanges a fixed-price cash flow for a variable cash flow and often renewable energy credits. Over 80% of power purchase agreements signed with corporate off-takers in 2019 were “virtual” PPAs that do not involve the physical delivery of electricity. The project owner enters a VPPA with a corporate off-taker. The project pays the corporate off-taker the floating revenues it receives from the electricity sales and exchanges this for fixed payments received from the corporate off-taker.

Physical PPA's

Physical or ‘Sleeved’ PPA structures see power physically delivered to the buyer – either directly from the seller or via a utility partner. This arrangement usually sees the buyer enter into two separate PPAs: one with the seller, and one with a utility that will act as an ‘agent ’to manage the offtake of power from the renewable energy project on the buyer’s behalf. A key advantage is that it enables the buyer to account for the intermittency of output from the renewable energy project.


As a fixed purchase the PPA can protect your business from fluctuating energy costs. And, renewable energy is often the lowest cost generation, so will provide the most competitive costs in the market.


PPAs are one of the fastest ways to achieve your sustainability goals. We can provide accurate information about the huge amount of carbon a PPA will offset and live data on the amount of green power a renewable project is generating.


A PPA will ensure you receive the sustainability recognition you deserve and that you stand out from competitors. Plus, your customers will feel good about using your products and services.

PPA Benefits

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